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Preschoolers in the Whitcomb home learn a lot more than the alphabet before they enter kindergarten. Before mid-morning walk (in the Bye-Bye Buggy), as they wait with their safety belts fastened, they are entertained by many intellectual questions on their surroundings,
and they hear numbers, not just in English, in Spanish, French, and German, with several words in a foreign language.
What about free piano lessons in this family home child care? The intellect of a small child is greatly stimulated by learning to play the piano. But how is a three-year-old or a four-year-old taught to play the piano. In this daycare it is just how each child needs to be taught, according to each ones interest and abilities. How else should piano be taught to preschoolers? All the same? No. Only according to individual needs.
And what about meal time? Are these little minds turned off during eating? Of course not. They are spoken to and given the opportunity to think.

At other times they hear stories that are read to them. Crafts and chess lessons also stimulate intellects.
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