Child Care - Which One?

Some things appear obvious: "Choose a child care provider who has years of experience." But if you enter a home where you feel very uncomfortable, how will your child feel?
One thing some parents do is to visit a child care home with the child; that way, the child is able to show the parent what to expect if that child care home is chosen.
Are potential playmates available? This can
be difficult to judge, sometimes; but if your 6-year-old is placed in a home where all the
other children are less than three, there could
be some boredom down the road.
One less obvious thing is safety. For example, what about the front yard? Few day care homes have a picket fence for childcare
safety, but this can help kids to be safe. It
may seem a simple thing but it could make
it safer to pick up and drop off your child (A child cannot then run into the street).
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Dec 30, 2009