Whitcomb Family Daycare

In your own childhood, what happy times do you remember? Happy times are what you want your own child to remember, right? We at Whitcomb Family Daycare work to provide children positive experiences that they can remember with gratitude.

You may need to be away from your child at times, but be assured that a safe pleasant place is here in Long Beach, California: a family home childcare that is licensed by the state of California and by the city of Long Beach; a home where parents have come with their children for over twenty years.

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Childcare in Long Beach

A daycare in Southern California

Why are these children's faces covered? We at the Whitcomb home (Long Beach, California) have a policy to protect these children when photographs are shown on the internet.
Two kinds of buggy rides are given in the six-seater "Bye-Bye Buggy." Most rides are to nearby Cherry Park (no major streets are crossed), where the children are supervised while they play on the play-
ground. There is also a safe neighborhood stroll.
Protect kid's identity online, please