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Caring for children--this deserves careful thought. And why should we expect the surgeon to have a license, but not the child care provider?
Whitcomb child care in Long Beach, California
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For the safety of children in a childcare home, planning ahead is the best solution. Prevention is better than a cure. (Forsee what might happen.)

In Long Beach, California, consider the Whitcomb Family Daycare. Gladys and Jonathan have been caring for small children for over twenty years. They are licensed by both the state of California and by the city of Long Beach. They offer free piano lessons for kids who would like to learn to play the piano. The also teach preschoolers to read, using both traditional alphabet training and the newer WORDS method of preschool reading.

Whitcomb Family Daycare
4503 Walnut Avenue
Long Beach, California 90807
What is the purpose of a fence for a family child care? Consider those times when children enter and leave child care. Perhaps the mother will talk with the provider for a minute. But what could happen in a minute?
One brief dash towards the street could be disasterous . . . without a fence to protect little ones. Even if the toddler does not run into the street, where is the child? In the neighbor's yard? About to run into the street? Down the sidewalk?
Having a picket fence completely around the child care home can make life safer for small kids who don't know any better than to run into trouble when unguarded.
Few daycare homes have this much security
Phone Gladys: 562 427-6027
CA License 191604310