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What's the difference between child care in a family day home and care by a babysitter or a nanny? If it is important to the parent to have only someone who cares only for one child, a nanny-babysitter might do. But why isolate your child from all other children? Children need friends; consider family home child care for your child.
Quality child care can be less expensive than babysitting. Why? When several kids are cared for in a safe child-friendly place, the cost per day may be much less than with a nanny or babysitter.
In the Whitcomb Family Daycare, near Lakewood, California, a one-day rate is only about $35. Compare that with a babysitter (they charge $8-$20/hour) if
you need help for many hours. And the weekly rate may be as low as $150 at
the Whitcomb's (a bit west of Cherry
Avenue; a bit south of San Antonio):
4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, CA
Whitcomb child care home
Children in Whitcomb home
Call Gladys Whitcomb today:
562 427-6027 (ask questions)
Email the Whitcomb Family
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identity online
Faces are hidden for child safety
At 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, the Whitcomb Family Daycare is convenient to the city of Lakewood, California.
California childcare license # 191604310
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